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White Plains, NY 10603

Tel: (914) 683-5208

We provide:

DMV Evaluations
Employee Selection Services
Fitness for Duty Evaluations
Forensic Evaluations
Independent Medical Exams




About Testing Inc.

At Testing Inc., we make use of state-of-the-art technology in the delivery of human services. Our staff has been at the forefront nationally in applying such technology to provide cost-effective solutions to difficult problems.

We have a notable record of service to the nuclear industry for which we provide assessments of Critical Group employees as well as those seeking unescorted access, and when required, fitness-for-duty examinations including at times court appearances.

Testing Inc. has always maintained collegial relationships with senior members of the profession and regularly invites a critical review of its work by knowledgeable experts in its fields of endeavor.

Key personnel at Testing Inc. have extensive background, educationally and practically, in the development of realistic answers to complex human issues, and broad experience in assessment, program development, project management, specialized in-service training, individual and group treatment, and program design and execution.

Our personnel have conducted seminars and courses on Serving the Hard-to-Serve, on Identifying Aberrant Behavior (for nuclear plant supervisors), on assessing and treating drug-and-alcohol dependent patients, on counseling and testing offender populations, and numerous other topics.